Am I Too Nice?

I know that I’ve been slacking a little bit lately on my posting here.  I have had a lot of reasons – reasons that I, at least, consider legitimate.  It started with my computer falling apart again.  Well, I fixed that by getting a new computer.  Then, yesterday I was called to babysit and I hadn’t written my blog entry yet, but it wasn’t a big deal because I was just going to do it while I was watching the dogs.  But their wi-fi requires a password and I don’t know what it is.  I lied a little bit to the woman I am dog sitting for and told her that I was bringing my computer today, so I will text her again and ask for it later.

But, am I too nice?  Should I have just blatantly asked for the password?

The thing about my dog sitting is that I was expecting to dog sit for this entire week.  Starting this past Friday and going through until this coming up Saturday.  But, I got a text Thursday night at like 11:00 PM saying that their plans had changed and they weren’t going out of town as expected, but I could still come pick up the garage door opener.  She hoped to have the plans figured out by then.

So Friday at 4:00 PM when I came by to pick up the garage door opener, she told me that she still didn’t know when she was leaving.  She then apologized a little bit saying that I was probably counting on the income I’d be getting from watching the dogs.  I told her that I was but it wasn’t a big deal – which was a half truth.  I really was counting on the income.  I figured I was going to get about $350-$400 for the week.  And it was going towards my upcoming road trip.  But, I have money in the bank that I can tap into if I need to.

Anyways, I hadn’t heard and I hadn’t heard and when I talked with her it seemed like things were really up in the air and they might not go at all.  But I got a text message from her (and I don’t consider this rude at all because that is mainly how we communicated unless we saw each other in public or talked in person) yesterday saying they were leaving in the afternoon or this morning.  Well, then I got a text message saying that they were, in fact, leaving in a few minutes and I just needed to be at the house by dinnertime for the dogs.

Well, I’m not complaining a lot.  Because I will get paid now – I should get around $150, but I am a little upset about it.  I mean, I planned my week around having to dog sit the entire week.  I was counting on the money to spend on my road trip and have some left over to buy playoff hockey tickets for when my AHL team hopefully makes it to the second round and I can attend the games.  But I told her it was fine.

But I think about it and I know that if the dogs were at the kennel it would probably be more expensive – she has two great danes and a whippet – and she would probably have to pay some type of cancellation fee.  Is it wrong of me to think this?  Am I too nice to have rearranged my schedule around her and to be at her every beck and call so that she could still leave if she wanted to?

Hopefully, when I text her she can give me the wireless password and then we can figure some things out.  And hopefully she does pay me well and takes into account how flexible I was with her since I didn’t find out until the day before I was supposed to come and dog sit that my time would be shortened and I wouldn’t get as much money.

On the other hand, should I even be complaining.  I’m still able to get out of my house and watch these dogs that get along with me for the most part and I’m getting paid for it.  I don’t know what to think.

I’ll try and post again tonight, especially if I get the wireless password to make up for the lack of post yesterday.

What do you think of my situation?  Have you ever been in a similar situation where what you thought you were going to get was drastically lessened and you already had plans for the money since you were going on a trip?  Do you think I’m too nice?  Or does the complaining, griping rant that I just gave negate my nice-ness?


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