When Do You Let Go?

I have written a lot about what I am going to touch on today.  Only, not in so many words.  But the thing that I am going to touch on today is something that I have talked about lately.  When do you let go of a friend or friendship?  Do you ever think that you can get it back?

I have a friend that used to be qualified as a BFF for sure.  I definitely thought that we would be BFF always, but things never work out the way we think, do they?  This used-to-be BFF tried to rekindle things and I’m afraid that I haven’t necessarily been upholding my end of the bargain as far as helping to rekindle things goes.

Anyways, I found out via facebook – that fickle, awful, fair-weather friend – that she was engaged.  I have yet to like the status or to figure out how I feel about it.  Because I don’t know how I feel about it.  And I don’t know how to feel about it.

As a BFF, I feel that I should meet the guy before he proposes.  If I were about to be engaged, my bf would have to meet all the bffs (in addition to the family) before he could propose and me feel good about it.

Of course, like I said.  We are no longer BFFs and I have not done a good job of keeping up with rekindling said BFF friendship.

So, now the question is: how should I feel about this?  Is it right to be upset because I thought that she wanted our friendship back, but she got engaged and I had no idea that it was coming?  Or do I not have the right to feel upset or to have expected to know before it happened because I haven’t been keeping up my part of rekindling the friendship?  Do I congratulate her?  Do I ignore it?

And what does this mean for our BFF friendship?  Does she not want to work on rekindling it?  Have I turned her off from what might have become a great friendship once again?

Thoughts?  Comments?  Have you ever received news via facebook that you weren’t expecting and then not understood how you should respond to it?


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