April Fools Day!

Today is April Fool’s Day.  And I haven’t ever been able to pull off a good April Fool’s joke.  And I was going to try one today, but decided not to.  And I don’t dare give away the details just in case I decide to do it someday – although I almost feel like I never will.  Maybe someday I will talk about it and what I might have done.

Anyways.  I did help a couple of girls pull off a prank – and they used something that they’d learned in my class to do it!  I was semi-proud of them because they did do something that had to do with class in order to pull off a pretty good prank.  They faked a letter from a college that told a girl that her acceptance had been taken back since she hadn’t sent her mid-year grades.  The girl fell for it and then came in and told myself and the other teacher that helped out that she hated us.  Anyway, the girl called her dad and her dad finally told her it was a joke when she told him that it was from Mary Poppins.  The girl is a blonde.  And she just didn’t catch that in her state of freaking out.

It was actually kind of fun to play a part and to hear about it.

Did you pull off any pranks for April Fool’s Day?  What is your greatest prank ever?  Do you like April Fool’s Day?


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