Sally Hansen Salon Effects: A Review

I had seen Sally Hansen Salon Effects a while ago in the stores, online or in a magazine…I honestly can’t remember where I saw them first.  But then, when I first found them in the store, I looked and saw only a couple that I would actually want to get – ones that were actual prints/designs and that fit my personality, not solid colors…what’s the point in buying a solid color strip when you can just paint your nails?

Anyways, this weekend, I finally found one of the designs that I liked and I bought them…hoping to try them out and see if I liked them.

So, did I?  The easy answer is yes.  I do like them.  I think they’re really neat, but I do have some reservations.  They were a real pain to get on.  They didn’t file down like they were supposed to (I wonder if this is because I cut them in half so I could use them for two manicures and not just one).  I also had some small problems getting a good size to fit my nails.

But, like I said…overall, I think they’re pretty neat.  They look good and they cost way less than a manicure would at a real Salon.  Like, I said, I wouldn’t use them in any of the solid colors and there are only a few prints that I would want, but the ones that I want I would still pay for and use…I think it’s a pretty good investment.

What do you think?  Have you seen/heard of Sally Hansen Salon Effects?  Would you use them?  Have you used them?


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