Thought-Provoking TV

I tend to watch a lot of television.  It is one of my weaknesses.  And I watch what some would consider trashy TV.  I watch some reality television – mainly The Bachelor (and all it’s spin-offs).  Then, I have my programs.  Tuesday nights are for One Tree Hill – and that show is one that I have watched from the beginning, will continue to watch until they take it off the air, own all the seasons on DVD, and love more than is probably healthy.  Then, Thursday nights are full.  I watch both Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice.  Plus, I have become addicted to General Hospital again (I tape it and watch the full week at once over the weekend or later on during the night).

Anyways, last night, I stayed up late because I was able to sleep in this morning (and I did, until almost eight o’clock).  I stayed awake to watch Private Practice.  And I’m really glad that I did because the episode was extremely thought provoking.  It was dealing with an issues that I didn’t even know was an issue before watching this show and it really got me thinking about what I would have done in the situation.  I will try to not give too much away, but please be aware that if you are a Private Practice fan and haven’t seen the episode, there might be some spoilers in what I have to say.

There was a couple that was pregnant, and had been trying to have a baby for a while.  Unfortunately, the baby that they were going to have wasn’t going to be able to live longer than a day – and I don’t remember why because that wasn’t really the issue that was focused on.  Instead of bonding with the baby, the couple wanted to take the babies ovaries and mature them so that they could use her eggs for the wife to try and become pregnant again (she no longer had any eggs).  The show covered all opinions from the doctors that believed it was completely wrong and it should not even be attempted to the doctors that wanted to do it because it would put them on the cutting edge of medicine to the doctors that could, and were,  swayed by both sides.

It got me thinking about what I thought.  And I think that I’m on the side of the doctors that don’t want it to happen, especially if the mother wants to use the eggs.  I think that once the mother bonds with her child it is almost incestuous to use her eggs to have your own baby.  That being said, if a mother is willing (and if it’s possible), for this process to take place once the baby has passed, I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  That also being said, do we need more eggs made when there are tons of children that need homes?  Children that are already and are without parents for various reasons.

I know that was  a lot of jumble and confusion, but I guess I stand with the doctors that don’t think it’s right.  The baby is a person and although they can’t speak for themselves, they shouldn’t be subject to such a painful procedure.  If I knew that I only had a day to live, I would not spend it in a hospital having a painful procedure, I would want to spend it with friends and family making the most of my time.

It was a crazy episode because I knew nothing about the procedure before hand, and it is so controversial and hard to wrap my head around.  It would probably make great fodder for a story.  But I’m curious about what all of you think.

Do you watch what some would consider trashy television?  Did you watch Private Practice last night?  What do you think of this procedure – of taking a babies ovaries and maturing them so that they can be used again?


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