Life in Perspective

It’s time to take a look at life.  And to put life into perspective.  I haven’t done this yet because I don’t know that I can really explain exactly how I’m feeling about the situation.  But I will do my best.

It is heartbreaking what has occurred in Japan.  And everything that has been unraveling since it occurred.

It’s so hard to know that something has happened and feel so disconnected from it.  Because part of me wants to have a reason to comment on it and to want to help in some way.  And part of me feels like I might be looked at as a bandwagon Japan lover – the way sports fans feel when someone jumps on their team’s bandwagon because they are doing well.  I don’t want people to think I’m only paying attention because something bad has happened.  But part of me feels like that is what could happen.

Contrarily, this wasn’t just a little thing that happened, this was something big.  Something that affected people that I know – not that I’m good friends with, but that I know.  And it’s affecting millions of people in some way and the death tolls continue to climb as new bodies are found and nuclear plants contain hazards that have yet to be really seen or explored.  Those effects will last much longer than the attention that is focused on Japan right now.

Of course, is it right to be worried about Japan now…and then forget about them when the news stops shining a light on them?  Because they are going to need help so much longer than the news will allow them to stay in the headlines.

The whole incident puts things into perspective.  It makes me really appreciate the safe life that I am living.  It makes me happy that my friends and family are all safe and that we aren’t unable to go to work or to school or to go on with our daily lives because of a catastrophe that we didn’t see coming.

It really makes you think.  About everything.  About how you feel about life.  About what you cherish.  About how lucky you are.

How do you feel about the tsunami and earthquakes that have occurred in Japan?  What about the nuclear mess that has unraveled subsequently?  Please continue to send your prayers to Japan and all nations that might be recovering from natural disasters that we are no longer focused on because they don’t make the front page of our news.


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