Navigating the Curriculum

This is a college course, that had it been offered, I wish I would have been smart enough to take it.  It would have probably been the most practical course that could have been offered and it could have been done in conjunction with the goals of another course.  While teaching us, the students/would-be teachers, how to correctly read and follow a curriculum that we are given.

When teachers are lucky, they are given a curriculum to follow.  A scope and sequence that shows exactly what the students are supposed to know and examples of how to achieve those things.  When they are lucky.

However, they might not feel so lucky when they are given the curriculum because it is not an easy thing to look at and figure out.  It is like being thrown a textbook and told that you have to figure it all out on your own.  Without any background knowledge.  It’s hard.  Not as hard as being given nothing, but hard.

I haven’t had much experience in following a curriculum because I just take what the teachers have given me and use their plans/follow their activities the best I can for the courses I have been teaching.  And that’s where I am going to struggle in my first year of teaching probably.  Because it will be hard.  But it will be worth it.

But if I could add a course into a college curriculum it would be that.  And it would be divided up based on grade levels – and depending on when you took it, you could go through a Kindergarten curriculum or a third grade curriculum or a high school english curriculum.

But I think this would be an invaluable course that most students would opt to not take unless they were forced to take it.  I wish they had offered it and recommended it.  Or forced us to take it.  Because it is important.  So important.

Any teachers out there?  What do you think about following the curriculum – especially early on in your career?  Was it hard?  Am I making this seem worse than it will really be?


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