Tired Times

I am tired.  I have been for a while.  I know it has a little bit to do with depression.  A little bit to do with the job that I’m at that I don’t like.  A little bit to do with the fact that I stopped exercising.

So, I’ve started thinking and I have decided that it is definitely my time to start making some changes and do what I need to so that I can feel better about myself.

I have decided that Lent is the time to do that.  I am giving up wasting my time uselessly.  Instead, for every day of Lent, I plan to exercise, write, and read.  I think that this will be extremely important to me.  And, although technically Lent starts next Wednesday, I am going to start on Thursday.  I want to be able to not worry on Wednesday about getting out of school and working out and showering before going to sing at Ash Wednesday mass Wednesday evening.

So, starting next Thursday – instead of napping and forgetting to write in my blog, I will come home and work out and then I will shower and write in my blog.  Possibly, during school, I will do my reading.

And every day after that, for 40 days, I will do that.  And I will start to feel better about myself.  And I will lose some weight and be happier and healthier than I have been since starting at the high school.

Do you ever have days when you’re just tired and can’t function properly?  Do you think it’s okay for me to have been off my game?  What do you think about my Lenten abstinence (well, sort of abstinence)?


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