Purple Eagles Hockey

Dear Men’s Purple Eagles Hockey,

Most of you don’t know who I am.  Some of you might have heard my name before, but not really know me.  The majority of you could not pick me out of a line up.  But I am a fan.  I am a huge fan.  And I have been since I was a student at Niagara.  And I will continue to be for the rest of my life.

Throughout my time at Niagara, I got to know a few of the hockey players, and I grew to love the game of hockey.  For that, I will always be a fan.  I have also enjoyed to follow the news and see what the players who have graduated – both those I know and those I don’t – are doing now.  And, most of all, I have loved to see the community service and efforts that the players have been a part of.

But today, I am writing this letter into cyberspace, to wish you luck.  Luck in a tournament that I hope you can persevere and push through to win.  Luck in a time that is trying and hard.  Luck in a time when things aren’t necessarily easy at all.

Now that I have wished you luck, please do your absolute best to play as hard as you can and to win as many games as you possibly can.  I promise that if you do that, I will do the best I can to make it to as many games as possible for the rest of the season.

A forever fan and Purple Eagle alum

Do you still route for your alma mater no matter what?  Which sports were your favorite while you were at school?  If you happen to be in the Western New York area this weekend, please cheer on my Purple Eagles as they (hopefully) beat Canisius in the first round of the AHA tournament.  LET’S GO PURPLE EAGLES!!


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