Weekends Away

Lately, I’ve been living for my weekends away.  Weekends when I go back to school to visit.  Weekends when I go to visit a friend.  Weekends when I am not at my house and am away from the reminder that I am failing right now.

This weekend, I am going away.  I am heading to Rochester to attend an alumni event tomorrow night and then spend the rest of the weekend with my friends.  The rest of the weekend will entail some soul searching and a birthday party for her older brother who is turning 25.

I am really, very excited for the alumni event because it’s my first official alumni event that I am going to and it’s a hockey game – which we all know that I love.  I think it will be really great.

And I’m excited for the rest of the weekend too, although I’m most excited for the alumni event and I’m thinking that it’s probably pretty important for me to hit the road pretty early Sunday since I need to be back at school on Monday and I’ll have some TV that I want to watch before watching the Oscars – which I am soooo excited for.

So, this weekend is a much needed, much waited for (hopefully much worth) weekend away.  The weather will cooperate because I need this weekend away more than anyone could know.  Therefore, tomorrow, I am not going to blog.  And this weekend, I won’t blog.  I’ll be back on Monday – everyone have a great weekend!

Do you ever look forward to something with such fervor that if it doesn’t happen you’d be angry and upset?  Are your weekends away vital to your mental health like they are to mine?  When was your last weekend away and what did you do?  What about your next weekend away?


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