Shake It Up

I have a question for all of you today.  Do you find it easier to shake your life up if you are doing it with a friend?

I ask this question, because I am finding the answer to be a very definitive yes for me.  I have a lot of stuff going for me.  I am a good person.  I am good teacher.  I work hard.  And I deserve to have a job. I’m not saying these things to just make myself feel better, but because they are true.  And maybe it is partly to make myself feel better, but I deserve to feel good about myself.  I deserve to realize my potential and not just fake it all the time.

Recently, one of my BFFs asked me if I would consider applying to a school district with her.  She only asked this because there are a lot of teaching jobs open in this specific school district.  So there would be a much better chance of both of us getting a job.

I was hesitant.  But I have made the decision that I will definitely apply.  At the very least, I will apply.  I will actively try and let the district know that I am interested.  And, maybe, we will both get jobs and be moving.  And that would be okay with me.

And I think that part of the reason it would be okay with me is that I would be doing it with a friend.  I wouldn’t be alone.  And I would be teaching.

You might recall that I had received a teaching offer.  Well, not exactly.  I received an offer from Teach for America, and I ended up rejecting it.  I don’t remember how in-depth I got with how I was feeling as that unfolded; but I was really worried that I had lost my chance to get a teaching job.  That I had thrown away too great an opportunity.

And maybe this is my redemption.  I think this could be good for me.  Really good for me.  And I think that knowing that I may possibly be going through it with a friend makes me really happy and makes me feel safer.  I have other things that worry me about it.  But I think I could really end up really wanting this to happen for me.

How do you feel about shaking up your life?  Have you ever shaken up your life in a major way?


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