Snow: Disastrous Beauty

I have been thinking.  A lot.  And about something kind of important. 

Yesterday, I wrote about swimming and just keeping at it, even when things aren’t great.  Today, one of the blogs that I lurk at had a post about spinning wheels.  And as  I read it, I realized that it was talking about the same thing – although much more eloquently stated (and, don’t think for one second that I hadn’t wished that I had written that).

So, today, as I was driving to school (after my 2 hour delay, thank you snow), I was thinking.  The first thing I thought about was how pretty the snow looked on the trees.

I must admit.  I love winter.  I am a four seasons kind of girl, and I don’t think I could live without each and every one of the seasons.  That being said, I get over the seasons pretty quickly too.  By the time winter isn’t even half over, I am clamoring for spring and summer.  And by the time summer isn’t even half over, I am clamoring for fall and winter.  It’s a curse, I know.

But my favorite part about the snow has always been how pretty it makes everything look.  That white blanket that coats the deadened trees and makes them look pure and fantastic.

As I thought about this, and I as I was driving into school, I realized that although the snow is very pretty; it is also very dangerous.  I was driving on roads that weren’t completely clear, but the trees that surrounded the road (and the cliffs that encased the road) just made the upwards look so nice, even though the roads were still a little slick and dangerous.

So, naturally (or at least the natural progression in my head – and anyone that knows me can attest to this), I started thinking about how many things that look beautiful (like the snow covering the trees and dead grass) can actually (and often are) very dangerous.

And, for me, it holds true for many different things.

One of those things is love and friendships.  For the most part, those things are pure and beautiful and make life look better.  But at times (and often more times than we want to acknowledge) those relationships have the potential to send us into a dangerous, downward spiral.

I am not going to elaborate anymore than that for now – maybe on another day, I will talk about this same topic again and deal with different things.  I just wanted to share my thoughts and see what people thought.

How do you view the snow?  Do you agree that it can be beautiful when it coats the trees that have been dead?  After thinking about it, do you also think that many beautiful things are disastrous in so many ways?  Can you think of any other examples?


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