An Ordinary Day

Today was just an ordinary day.  I went to school and did what I had to do, but I was so happy and excited because I finally ran into someone that I have wanted to see since I got to the high school and started subbing.

I ran into a girl that dubbed me Drew last year (because apparently I look like Drew Barrymore).  The reason that I wanted to run into this girl is because I found out that she was going to Niagara and I was so excited for her.  So very excited because, of course, that is where I went.

So, I was very excited to explain to her how excited I was for her and what a great time she’d have.  It made me so happy to talk to her and tell her about Niagara.  I am really hoping that as things continue and I see her, I’ll be able to talk with her  more and answer any questions she might have.

I also found out that another girl from the senior class is also going to Niagara.  It just makes me so happy because of the great time that I had there.

Hopefully, I will be able to sit down and chat with them about things soon.  It might be a good idea for me to talk with them outside of school, since I’m sure that some of their questions I can actually answer.

But it just makes me so happy to be able to pass on something that meant so much to me.  And I really hope that both of them have as great an experience as I had.

Have you ever been able to rave about your alma mater (especially if you loved it) to a future student?  Did you love going to your alma mater?  Where did you go?


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