Hello, High School

I got a call last night that I would be starting my high school long term sub (LTS, hereafter) today.  Okay, to be more precise and fair – it was yesterday evening.  I got the call at like 5 PM, which was plenty of time to at least look over what I thought I would be doing.

Anyways, I was not very excited to get started.  I am not enjoying the high school like I enjoyed the elementary school.  I miss the little kids and their trusting and fun natures.  The high school kids are not like that.  And  I don’t know how  I’m going to get along with them.

In all reality, I know that I will be just fine; but I just know that I am also going to be missing my young ‘uns very, very much.  I am going to be clamoring to get back to them when this is up.  And I really, really hope that I get to be with them again next year.

This will expand my horizons and I look forward to talking to the teachers and having some fun with them – since I will have more of a relationship with these teachers than the ones at HB, but it’s just going to be different and hard and I’m not especially looking forward to it.

So, there will be stories to come (one kid thought that I was my little brother’s mother…I’m not sure if he was serious or not) and I’m sure they will be amusing – even if they are not like the elementary ones.

Do you realize the difference between elementary and high school kids?  Have you ever seen a teacher seamlessly go between the two?  Do you have any advice for me?


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