New Year

It’s been a full week since New Year’s day.  A full 7 days, well today is the 7th day.  And I’m going to check on how I’m doing with some of my new years resolutions.

I have a few.  I don’t know that I’ve actually listed them.  So, I guess it’s time to be sure that you know what my resolutions are.  My new years resolutions are: get my passport, get my hair trimmed every six weeks (so it hopefully grows healthier and longer), get fit (in shape, hopefully lose weight/tone up), edit NaNovel and get proof copy (share with friends), move out and get full time job/enjoy TforA, take risks/do things I wouldn’t normally do/enjoy life.

So far, I’m not doing completely horrible.  I’ve been working on on my wave that I bough pretty regularly and have only taken my prescribed breaks.  I still have to work out today, but I’m just taking it pretty easy.  It’s been fun, it’s been challenging.  I’m not sure if it’s working, but I’m doing the best I can.  I think I’ve said, I am the type of person that wants instantaneous results, and you don’t get instantaneous results when you exercise – you have to be consistent and work over a long period of time to get results.  Part of this is going to be to work on food- which I haven’t done yet.  That will come next month, I think.

The other resolution I have worked on is my NaNovel.  I haven’t done a lot, but I have started editing and I will have it done by the middle of February and will order my proof copy.  Part of doing that will be to come up with a cover, so that may take some more time…so maybe I’ll aim to have it ordered by March.  It’s been nice to see this through a little bit.  I might even add on to this to include writing a NaNo this year as well – even though I will be having a full time teaching job, which will definitely make it harder.

I have also done everything I can for TforA so far.  I have put in my preferences form, as I said yesterday.  Now, it’s just the waiting game.  I will wait and wait and wait until I have a placement – that will actually come quickly and then I will wait some more until I have my assignment.

Now, the other resolutions I haven’t necessarily worked on.  I really do want to get my hair trimmed and then get my picture taken and get my passport.  Those are things that I want to get done so that I have it, just for the sake of having it.  And in case I need it.  And I want my hair to grow longer…and healthier.  Which is why I’m going for the trim every 6 weeks.

So, the year has started.  I’ve had some ups and downs already and I’m ready and waiting to see what the rest of this golden year brings.

How have you been doing with your new years resolutions so far?  Have you kept them or have you already given up on them?


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