Foolish Fantasies

Yesterday, I watched the first installment of 24/7 on HBO about the Penguins and Capitals as they make their way to the NHL Winter Classic – the outdoor hockey game that has become an annual tradition on New Year’s Day.  As I watched, I thought about things.

I should preface all of this by saying that I have not always been a hockey fan.  I became a hockey fan when I went away to college.  It happened very naturally.

I should also say, everyone has foolish fantasies that they know will never come true: dating and marrying an actor/actress, becoming best friends with your favorite singer, etc.

My foolish fantasy (ever since I became a hockey fan), is to marry a hockey fan.  Not necessarily completely foolish, because I did get to know some of the guys on my college hockey team and that probably helped to fuel this fantasy.

However, if I had my pick, I would marry a famous hockey player and we would live happily ever after. 

Is it ever going to happen? No, probably not. 

Is there a chance?  Sure.  A VERY VERY VERY slim chance.

Am I going to hold out hope?  No, I’m not.

Hopefully, I will be able to find a good guy that is worth my time and also enjoys to watch hockey.  And if I meet and actually do end up with a famous hockey player, it will be a dream come true.

What are your foolish fantasies (the ones you know will never come true – like my hockey player one)?  Do you have any foolish fantasies that aren’t so far fetched?  Do you think it’s okay to have foolish fantasies?


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