New Adventures, Old Adventures

It’s no secret that I have had my share of adventures.  I try not to back out of something just because I’m scared – although I have before and I’m sure that I will again.  However, I try my hardest to give myself the opportunity to do everything that I really want to.  Maybe I’ve missed out on some good times because of fear, but I’ve had plenty of great times by overcoming that fear.

This week, I have conquered a fear of mine.  I have become a teacher of something that I don’t really know how to teach.  Music.

Now, I am by no means an expert on music.  I sing in my church choir and I love to listen to and sing along to music, but I can’t teach it.  But I am.

As I think about this new adventure of mine, I think about old adventures.  Adventures I’ve had with friends that have led to new discoveries.  Adventures that have led to startling discoveries.  Adventures that have not always been great.

This weekend, as I wrap up the very beginning of a new adventure, I will venture back into an old adventure and visit friends.  I am excited and thrilled to be doing this and I know it will be great fun. 

This old adventure will be a great reprieve from my new adventure, which is tiring me out and worrying me a little bit.  I am so happy to be doing this and I love that I’m doing it.  It’s going to be so great!

What new adventures have you been having?  Do you like to go on old adventures after having been on new adventures for a while?  How do you feel about going back to old adventures?


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