Why – The Most Important of the 5 Ws

Who?  What?  Where?  When?  Why?  (How?)  The 5 Ws that children are taught as they learn to read and write and ask intelligent questions about things.  The most important of these: Why.

Why?  (See, you’re already questioning it and using that most important word).

The “why” is the very essence of every other question that we ask.  It is what we ask ourselves when we don’t know where to go, when we don’t know the reason for something, when we are lost and searching. 

It is the question that gets asked over and over again by curious little children who have not yet been tainted by the world.  It is the question that leads to all other questions and to all other answers.

So, today, I ask why do I blog?

I blog because it’s good for me.  I do not blog for other people.  Although I do get upset because I don’t think that anyone “real” reads my blog.  The only comments I have ever received are spam comments that I have gotten rid of.  The only record I have is a chart that says how many people have visited (it says that it doesn’t count me) and I think it’s only gotten into double digits once…hell, I’m lucky if I reach 2 views a day – and 5 is a really good day.

So, why should I do  it?  It keeps me calm.  It gives me an outlet.  It lets me say things that I might not normally say.

If this is the case, why should it bother me if no one comments and no one sees it?  (There’s that most important W again).  I guess, the short answer is that it shouldn’t.  But maybe, I feel like I’m putting too much of myself into something that no one else even bothers with – and that is not fun. 

So, I think I’ve decided that I’m going to start taking a break from blogging.  I will still blog every weekday, but I’m going to start taking weekends off.  This is partially because I know that my weekends are getting extremely busy for December.  December hasn’t even started, and I alreadyhave plans for every weekend, so before I know it – January (and the new year will be here).

So, ponder the “why” today.  Figure things out for yourself.  Make a choice for you.

Do you think “why” is the most important of the 5 Ws?  Do you blog?  Why or why not?


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