When It Rains, It Pours

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression listed above…and for me, it is a very true expression.

This November, it has been raining for me and it has just started pouring.

First, I’ve been worried a little bit about money and making ends meet since I decided that I wanted to do some Christmas shopping this year.  But that all changed in the past two nights.

Sunday night, I received a phone call from a woman that I used to babysit for.  Her children are grown now and don’t need a babysitter (early teens, neither old enough to have driving licenses or permits), but she and her husband are going out of town for a conference and she wants me to “supervise” them.  To me, this means that I will be making sure that they are getting up on time, getting to school, doing their homework, and taking them to any extra-curricular activities.  I haven’t officially said yes, but I am going to call tomorrow and tell her yes.  The small snag to this is that she told me that I needed to let her know how much she should pay me – and I’m the worst with this…so I asked around (and had my mother ask around) and most people are coming back with the same figure…which is about $100 a night.  This would bring in a large chunk of change, but I don’t necessarily know that’s what I’ll be paid.  As a side note: they also have dogs that I assume that I would be at least partially responsible for.

The other thing that happened is that I got a sub job for a good majority of school in December.  The music teacher that I had as a student had asked me to be in for her for the first few days of December because she was having surgery.  She called me last night and told me that she would be out longer than that and asked if I’d be willing to be in for her.  I told her I would.  I’m excited, nervous and apprehensive about the whole thing, but it should be good.

Then, there’s NaNo…I have just over 100,000 words.  I am going to finish a first draft.  I feel so accomplished and I’m so proud of myself.  I wasn’t aiming at writing this many words, but I haven’t finished yet and I’m racing against the clock, and other engagements, to actually finish the story before the month is over – and I plan on doing just that.

What about you?  What good things have been pouring in for you lately?  What would you charge a family for babysitting (it’s 5 days, 4 nights)?


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