That’s right.  I’m going to talk about my family today.  And hopefully, I am going to talk about them in a good way.  In a way that is nice and thankful.  Not in a way that I am feeling about them quite frequently since I’ve been living with most of them in a time of my life when I should not be.

I am excited about family time because I am getting a few family visitors this weekend.  My sister is coming up for the first time since she moved this weekend and I’m sure it will be great.  I was never especially close with my sister growing up.  Yes, we had the bond of being the only two girls in a house full of boys, but we were so different that it was hard to connect further than that.  When I moved back from school, we became closer and I have really started to treasure and enjoy my relationship with her.

It often makes me wish that I had spent more time with her growing up.  That maybe we would have been able to get closer before this if we had just talked more.  But there is something about teenage girls that makes it impossible to get along with them without being jealous of them, especially when you are living under the same roof.

So, I am excited for this weekend.  It should be fun and it will be good to see my sister again and be able to spend time with her.

Have you gotten closer to members of your family when you’ve gotten older?  How have your relationships with your family members changed as you (and they) have grown?


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