NaNoWriMo has already started in some parts of the world.  I, luckily, still have quite a few hours before it begins here in cold, wintry New York.  And I have even longer than some because I don’t start at midnight like some of the really hardcore wrimos do.  I will go to sleep at 11 probably (so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to stay awake until midnight) and then when I wake up tomorrow, I will begin writing.

I know that yesterday, I talked about how I was a little bit worried and I needed to do some hardcore planning today – well, I haven’t really.  In the next 3 hours before my show comes on (that I will watch in bed under my covers) I plan on doing the following: do that planning, fold my laundry that is in the dryer right now, and get myself ready for bed.  The most important part of the planning is finding names and the birthdays of my characters.  Once I have those, the other things will fall into place.

And I came up with the way that I am pretty sure that I want to start my novel – so I will have a starting point and we will just go from there.  And even if it does just become the roughest draft ever, it will be a start and it will be something that I can work with/on.

So, I bid you adieu for the evening because I have a lot that I want to get done in the next 3 hours.  And I’ve been procrastinating and will probably continue to procrastinate before I actually start the real work.

Good luck to all who have decided to do NaNoWriMo!!


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