Unexpected Times

I have had a day full of unexpected things.  I knew that some things would be happening.  I knew that some things would not be happening.  But the things that did happen, make me smile and also make me laugh.

First, last night, I watched the Sugarland concert on YouTube.  I thought it was great.  The only thing that would have made it better was watching it with a best friend (like mine that is in Africa) or actually being in NYC for it.  Then, today, I went out and bought their new album, which I was going to do anyways.  And I have fallen in love with a few of the songs.  And I have found some of the songs to be unexpected.  But I am slowly beginning to love the album and it will be my soundtrack for my trip this weekend.

So, I know I wrote about the pleasant surprise of the HS teacher who asked me if I would be available to go in for her when she went out on her maternity leave.  And I know I said that I wanted the 1st grade position, but it looks like I’m going to be going back to being a HS teacher for a little while.

I emailed the principal of the elementary school – she got back to me quickly and let me know that the first grade position had been filled at the end of the school year (this is another rant for another day).  This left me wide open to tell the HS teacher that I could, and would be happy to, take her maternity leave.

I emailed the principal of the high school (along with emailing the teacher).  The response I received from him was fantastic.  He seems thrilled that it will be so easy for him to hopefully transfer me in to the position.  And, I’m excited for it.  It will be interesting and fun to see what happens and how it all works out.  It will be nice to know where I’m going everyday.  The money will be very nice.  Hopefully by that time, my mother will have gotten some of her shit together and I can use the money to try and pay down some of my loans or save up in case I want to move somewhere.

My life is taking a very unexpected turn, and I’m excited to see where it is going – if not a little sad to see my time that I have loved at the elementary schools coming to an end.

Has your life taken any unexpected turns lately?


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