Pleasant Suprises

I received a very pleasant surprise today.  It was unexpected and really nice.  Sort of.

I got an email from a teacher up at the high school (where I did a lot of my subbing last year) asking me when my position at HB was up and if I was available to take on her classes when she was out on maternity leave.

I was surprised but happy.  I am currently available, but I am hoping to receive a 1st grade position, but I guess we will see if it all works out.  And hopefully, this means that I will have a 3 month stint (as opposed to my 1 month stint with my eekers) at some other grade level.

And, yes, I would take the high school position even though it’s not what I want to do because it is more money and it is steady.

And, I miss my eekers terribly.  That is not so pleasant.  Nor is it much of a surprise.  But I do miss them.  And I wish they were still mine.

Do you think I’m selling out if I take the high school LTS position?  Have you received any pleasant surprises recently that you want to share?


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