Drunk Driving

Last night, I played DD for my older brother.  This is not an out-of-the-ordinary thing.  My price for last night was that I got to go to the hockey game for free.  It was the right price to play…even if the game wasn’t that great because they lost 7-1.

Anyways, after the night was basically over and my brother’s friend’s fiancee and I went back to their apartment and left the boys at the bar that was a couple of blocks from the apartment (so they could walk home), we had a conversation about drunk driving.

It is not okay to drink and drive.  Of all the stupid decisions that you can make, driving drunk is one that tops my list.  Drunk driving is something devastating that people think they can get away with until something horrible happens to them – and sometimes even then, they don’t understand.  Drunk driving kills people.  Innocent people that are just trying to get to where they need to be.  And the not-as-innocent people that have made the choice to drink and drive.

It is something that has touched my life before – although not in a fatal way.  And I’m sure that it is something that will touch my life again.  And I am not looking forward to it.

Next time you go out to drink, find a DD.  The people who agree to DD are people who would rather make sure that everyone gets home safe and is not making stupid decisions.  Be smart.  Drink responsibly.  Have fun.

Have you been touched by a drunk driver?  Do you know anyone who has driven drunk?  Do you think it is far too common for people to drink and drive?


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