My mood has been very murky this week.  Between the imminent ending of my extended position and the everyday challenges that come in an EK classroom, I’ve been having a bit of an off week.

Today was my last day.  I did well.  I haven’t really cried.  Not much.  I’m going to miss the kids.  I am so sad that they aren’t my kids anymore.  It’s going to be extremely hard to not have a steady income and steady schedule where I know what I’m doing before I show up.

One of the other teachers said it best.  We were leaving and she was taking her kids home because of the half day and she said to me:  “I’m not ignoring you because I know you’ll be back next week.  I’m just ignoring the fact that you won’t be across the hall anymore.”

Murky, murky, murky.  Hopefully this long weekend and the nice weather this weekend will make things look better.

How have you been feeling lately?  Have you been feeling murky at all?


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