For those of you who think that what I just wrote was gibberish.  Let me explain.  First, if you’d been reading my blog from the start, you would already know…but I’m happy to have new readers and to explain it.

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month and it happens in November.  The point of NaNoWriMo (from here on further called NaNo) is to write an entire novel in one month.

I competed last year and unsuccessfully completed the challenge.  I say I completed the challenge unsuccessfully because I wrote the required 50,000 words (I might have even reached 60,000), but I did not write a full story.  I am hoping to be able to successfully complete Nano this year.  It will be fun to try.

Why do I bring this up (I’m sure you’re dying to know)?  I bring it up because November is less than a month away.  And, as you know, I am going to have a lot of extra free time on my hands.  I already have a basic idea of what I’d like to do for my story…a very, very basic idea.  And I have completed one of my two main character questionnaires (or at least most of it…it’s 100 questions, it’s kind of time consuming).  I am hoping to complete the other one (and fully finish the other one) next week.  After that, I am hoping to be able to draw out a rough plot outline.

Now, I am planning this to myself because I am going to have a lot of extra time.  But also to give myself something to aim for.  Plus, I won’t have as much time as I thought I was going to have because I am going to be subbing three out of the four days next week (Monday is a day off for Columbus Day).

I was thrilled when the principal asked me if I would want to come in for three days next week.  I was thrilled that he initiated the work.  And I was thrilled that I could say yes I would love to.  It means that I will see my kids in the hallway.  It means that I will make money.  It means that I will not be bored out of my mind.  It means I can enjoy Monday and Tuesday – since I won’t be working those days most likely.  It means I am happy.

I digress.  Do you think I’m getting ahead of myself with talking about NaNo, since it’s still a month away?  I might be, but I’m excited about it.  And I’m hoping that I can write a halfway decent piece of fiction.  Would you like a post about my October obsession?   That is coming tomorrow.  If you would like to know more about NaNoWriMo go to:

Have you ever heard of NaNoWriMo before?  Would you consider participating in it?  Are you looking forward to anything in October or November?


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