Life Rolls On

Life is still moving.  I am still sick.  I am tired.  And I heard something that I want to tell you about.

Today, I was talking with one of the Kindergarten teachers after school – I was talking to her because I am getting one of her students that really needs to be in EK beginning tomorrow.  As I was talking to her one of the other EK teachers came in and said that one of her aides asked about how her class compared to the other EK classes.

First of all, I agree with the EK teacher that she shouldn’t have asked that.  It’s really not about what classes are “better” than others – it is about the mixture of kids and sometimes certain kids need different help with different things.

Anyways, the art teacher responded that there were 2 classes that were calm and good, then this particular class and one class that was worse than hers.  The EK teacher said that she believes that she has one of her best classes that she has had in years.

The comment got me thinking.  I’m worried that my class may be the class that is worse.  The only reason that I would think that it isn’t is because my aide is in the room with them.  So, she would tell me if anything really horrible happened.

So, I don’t know whether to just let it roll off of me or let it bother me.  I’m going to try very hard to let it roll off me, but I can’t guarantee that is going to happen.

Have you heard anything that has bothered (but probably shouldn’t) lately?


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