The Best Kinds of Praise

Yesterday, I wrote about how I was feeling overwhelmed.  How I was feeling uneasy.  Unrestful.  Like I wanted to cry.  I don’t want you to think that I hate my job, that I’m not in the right place.  Because I am.  I am in love with teaching and I have no clue what I would do if I were not teaching.

That being said, to me there are three kinds of fantastic praise!

The best kind of praise is from the kids that you are directly teaching.  When they tell me that they have enjoyed an activity or that they love school, it makes my world spin faster and the smile on my face brighter.  No one has outright told me that I have done a great job like the girl on the first day, but her comment stays with me and the hugs I receive remind me that I must be doing at least an okay job.

The second best kind of praise is from a parent.  It can be direct praise from a parent about doing well, or it could be a parent telling you that their child loves school.  Yesterday morning, I ran into a parent who drops his child off at the before school program and he told me that his child is loving school.  It made me happy.  It made me smile.  It made me feel good.

The third best kind of praise is that from another teacher, the principal, or other peers.  As you recall, I have also received this kind of praise.  When other teachers tell me that I am doing a good job, I am confident that I am going in the right direction and then my lessons become more smooth because I’m not worried about the kids understanding things.

I need to remember the times that I get praised and I need to keep that praise at the forefront of my mind.  Because it is easier to remember the bad things.  The negative feelings.  But I have been praised.  I am a good teacher.  And I love doing it.

Have you found your passion?  Do you really love what you are doing?  Have you been able to remember the good things even when the bad things stick out more?


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