Reasons to Smile

As you know, I am in an extended substitute position.  You also already know that one of my EKers (pronounced  “eek-ers”) has already praised me.

Today, I got praise from the teacher across the hall – whom I am absolutely love and adore.  I am so happy that I am across from her and that I can go to her if I need advice and that she is available.  Today, she told me that I was a natural and I was doing so well with these kids.  She asked if this was the first time that I had taught.  I felt incredibly happy to hear that.  I smiled.  I am still smiling thinking about it now.  I’m sure it will make me smile if I look back on this and read it over.

Another reason to smile: hopefully there is another job on the horizon.  I got an email today with a job posting for a long term sub position in the other elementary school building in the district (I attended both elementary schools as a student).  I am going to send an email/letter of interest to the Principal at that school tomorrow.  I will keep you posted on what I hear.

Hopefully, the school district’s investment in me will show here.  Hopefully, my faith will be boosted.  Hopefully, I will get the position!

What reasons have you had to smile lately?


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