Appreciating the Moments

I have been reminded twice this evening about living in the moment and appreciating those moments.  And this is great for me after a day that didn’t go as well for me as I’d have hoped (don’t read that to mean it went badly, because it went well…I just have ridiculously high – and sometimes unrealistic – expectations).

I spent a lot of time at school after the kids left today.  I need to remember that I shouldn’t be doing that all the time because I need to take care of me too.  However, I have not brought home work since school started (I did bring some stuff home when my classroom was a mess and I had work I wanted to do), so I get my things done at school in the morning before the kids come and in the afternoon once the kids are at home.

Anyways back to my little reminders.  When I got home today I was looking out of the window in our upstairs (where I sleep) and I saw a beautiful rainbow.  It wasn’t a full rainbow that I could see (but there is plenty of tree cover, so I guess it could have been), but it was very bright and vibrant.  I love rainbows and it was fantastic to see this one.

Then, as I drove home from running some errands that I wanted to run (and, no, I didn’t get everything that I needed/wanted), the clouds were majestic.  There was a portion of the sky that looked like the clouds had been painted a light red.  And there was a  portion of the sky where you could still see the sun on the dark clouds at the bottom of them.  It looked so pretty and breathtaking.

So, I was reminded that even on days when things aren’t perfect (and that is most days, isn’t it?) there are still things to smile about and appreciate (and I had some of those things in the classroom as well).

What have you found to appreciate lately?


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