Sometimes the things you complain most about are the things you care most about. Unfortunately you don’t always know that before it’s too late.
-Boy Meets World

When you see the number 100, most of the time it is a big deal.  Schools have a celebration when they reach the 100th day of school.  If a person reaches the age of 100, it is a huge deal and it is celebrated as such.  When you get a 100 on a test, you have done a perfect job.  So, 100 is a big deal.

This is my 100th blog post.  Today wasn’t really a big deal for me.  Tomorrow, will be.  Today, I had another superintendent conference day.  Tomorrow, the kids arrive.  Tomorrow, I have my first day as a teacher.  Tomorrow, I meet my kids and their parents.  Tomorrow, I start a tremendous journey.

I have complained quite a bit about some of the aspects of what I have been doing to get ready for the school year.  I have complained about certain things that I can’t control.  Certain things that I was waiting to happen.  I complained because I cared.  I complained because I wanted things to be different.  I complained because I was trying so hard to get everything that I could get ready, ready.

I complained because I cared.  I complained because I didn’t know what else to do.  I complained because it was my outlet.  Maybe I didn’t complain to the right people.  Maybe I didn’t do what I should have.

But tomorrow, I start fresh.  Tomorrow, I become a part of a teaching community.  Tomorrow, I begin a part of my career that I have been waiting to begin.  Tomorrow, I become a teacher.

Do you like to celebrate big things?  Have you ever reached a significant 100?


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