Life, it turns out, goes on. There is no cosmic rule that grants you immunity from the details just because you have come face-to-face with a catastrophe.
-Jodi Picoult, Perfect Match

I am going to leave you with this quote for today.  Two reasons.  One, I’m exhausted (and in a good way).  Two, I am at the State Fair right now (or on my way) so I can hopefully have decent seats to both Eli Young Band and Little Big Town.  Lady A was fantastic, but I am hoping to have some better seats for the two that I am seeing today.

Plus, right now I am not in the middle of a catastrophe.  Although I know this quote to be true.

So here is my filler for the day.  So I’ve still written (sort of…it’s just after midnight now, but posting this to go up at 11:11 this morning) and thought a little, although not a lot.

How does this quote make you feel?  Does it apply to any situation that you are in right now?


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