Holly Hobby

As children, all throughout our lives we are encouraged to have hobbies.  To participate in sports.  To find our niche.

I can’t pretend to know why at first.  But I can take a stab.  So we meet new people.  So we figure out who we are.  So we aren’t spending every second annoying and bugging our parents.

Then, you get into school.  Sports and extracurriculars make you a more well-rounded student.  It helps you meet people.  It helps you get into a good college.  The college of your choice.

Then, you get to college.  Again, clubs and activities are shoved down your throat.  It helps you feel more at home.  It helps you meet people who have similar interests.  It keeps you wanting to come back.  It helps you get over and not be as homesick.  It will help you seem well-rounded and help you get a good job or in to graduate school or the internship that you are dying for.

Then, you enter the real world.  And once you’re in the real world, the activities and extracurriculars aren’t shoved down your throat anymore.  They’re still there, but they’re different.  They cost money.  Your time is being pulled in other directions.  Your interests have changed and things don’t always fit in.

Now you have a job that takes up a lot of time.  You don’t have big chunks in your day like at college where you can do work and have your evenings free – or nap and be awake for the evenings.

You have bills to be paid.  Which are what makes doing your job and doing it well so important.

You might have kids or other people you are responsible for.  Which means that you are getting them to their hobbies and activities.  You are helping them to become successful because that’s what parents do.

But try to keep some time for yourself.  Try to keep your own hobbies up and running for as long as possible.

Today was the last day of orientation.  And I was given the “You have to have a life” speech twice.  And while I know that this is probably an appropriate speech to give to me, now is not necessarily the appropriate time to give it.  I don’t have a lot of hobbies right now because I don’t have the money.  And I can get lost in my work.  But I have fun planned for this weekend.

I plan on pursuing one of my newest hobbies.  Country concerts.  I love country music and I will be going to 4 country concerts this week (plus the one that I went to already), which makes 5 for this summer.  Which I am happy about.

What are your hobbies?  Do you keep up with them even though you have moved onto adulthood?


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