Education World Politics

I told you yesterday that I was going to write about the politics of the education world.  And I’m going to – although I am tempted to write about something else.  So, I am going to tell you that tomorrow I am going to write about hobbies and how they can come and go into your life.  And some of the reasons that that might be the case.

Anyways, back to the education world politics.  I have known for a while about the politics of the education world.  And then it might not have even been that big a deal.  And I think I should also throw it out there that I am not good with politics.  My senior year at Niagara, I decided not to run for vice president of my class because a friend of mine who was in my delegation decided to run without asking me and I didn’t want to be beat out and not have a spot in the delegation during my senior year.

So, why is it such a shock that there are politics in the education world?  I mean there are politics everywhere else in the world.  Politics start early and continue throughout your life.  And some people are good at the game.  And some people aren’t.  But I think it is particularly shocking in the education world because most kids (or at least I did) grew up feeling like school was a safe place.  Where you could take risks and be encouraged to be creative and you wouldn’t get hurt.

That is not so much the case anymore.

Other people may get a job that you want because they were nicer to someone or know someone a little bit better.  Not because they are better than you.

People may disclude you because they are threatened by you.  Not because they don’t like you.

You may be lost in the dust because people expect you to know certain things that you don’t know.  Even though you are new.  Even though you are still learning.

A place that you used to be safe and secure may become something that is scaring and challenging (in a bad way).

Don’t let any of these things get you down.  There is a reason that everything happens.  There is a reason that you didn’t get the job at your home district but you did get it somewhere close by.  There is a reason you are getting a job in a different place.  A place that will appreciate you more.  A place that will let you grow more.  A place that will allow you to be yourself.

Politics are everywhere.  Do not let them define you or your position.  Do not let them make you into something that you are not.

How do you deal with the politics of your workplace?  Do you have any recent wins or losses with the politics system in your workplace?


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