Mom, I Want A Pony

Today, I went on a wine tour with a great group of people.  I went with one of my best friend’s family (her mom, dad, brother – and, of course, her!), her brother’s girlfriend, one of our other best friends, and myself.  We had an absolutely fantastic day and it was the great start to my most social week of the summer (well, probably my most social week).  I don’t have a lot to say about the wineries – none of them were bad, none of them were absolutely fantastic in my opinion either…but the entire day was absolutely fantastic…probably one of the best days of the summer.

You might ask what this has to do with my title.  Ever since I can remember, I have wanted a horse.  I really remember honestly asking for a pony for Christmas multiple years.  On our way back to my best friend’s parent’s house, we stopped and saw brother’s girlfriend’s horse.  It was great to be able to pet her and see the other horses and hang out for a while.

It made me remember how much I wanted (and maybe still do a little bit) a horse.  It was a great end for me to be able to go and do that and I really enjoyed it a lot.  However, I am really, really tired (from the wine and the long day and everything else).  I am also tired (and extremely excited) as I think about my week ahead.

As I mentioned, this is probably my most social week of the summer thus far.  Today, I went on the wine tour.  Tomorrow, the fifth week of camp starts and I watch the Bachelorette finale tomorrow night.  Tuesday is day 2 of camp and book club – which I’m sure I will write about soon.  Wednesday is day 3 of camp and then I am going to hang out with my extremely good friend who is heading to Florida on Friday for law school.  Thursday is day 4 of camp and then getting some much needed sleep.  Because I intend to end my week in another extremely fantastic way.  Friday is day 5 of camp and then I am headed to Darien Lake to see Tim McGraw, Lady A, and Love and Theft.  I think it’s going to be an absolutely fantastic, although tiring, week.

Have you ever been reminded of something that you really wanted but never got?  Did you ever want a pony as a kid?


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