Do You Believe in Magic?

Mystery is the basic appeal of magic. Once the secrets are known, the magician becomes a mere manipulator, an actor in a suspense drama which has little impact because the audience knows the ending in advance. –MILBOURNE CHRISTOPHER, Magic: A Picture History-

Today, we took our camp kids on a field trip to the public library to see a magician.  I love magicians and I love people who can do card tricks and I think it’s absolutely fantastic.  I’m pretty sure that if someone tried to pick me up with a magic trick, it would work – as long as it wasn’t creepy.

Then, I look at this quote that I have found on magic and it makes me sad.  Because after reading the quote, I can see the truth in it.  I can see that what it says is true and there’s not anything wrong with the statement.  But I like to think that magic exists and that it works and that it happens.

I definitely believe in magic.  I believe in the magic of a phone call that you’ve been waiting for.  I believe in the magic of a best friend.  I believe in the magic of a job when you need it.  I believe that life is magic and that things will happen when they are supposed to.  Magic is all around us.  And if you let it, it will fill your life with wonder and amazement.

Do you believe in magic?  Or are you more to see the trickery and believe that it won’t last?


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