People have varying taste in music – which I know and I understand…especially since many times my friends don’t always share my taste in music.  I am a country fan.  I listen to almost only country, although I have been trying to expand my tastes a little bit.  And I will listen to almost everything, but rap – I am not a rap fan.  But really, I’m a country girl through and through.

Last night, I went out in Rochester with my friend as we continued her birthday celebration.  We ended up going to Daisy Duke’s (which is a country bar).  I was in heaven.  I loved it and I was so excited to be there.  I enjoyed being there and I loved the music.  I’m sure I would have been okay elsewhere – everyone wanted to go dancing – had we actually been dancing with a lot of people, but that never happened.  I had a great night because we spent quite a bit of time in Daisy Duke’s and it was perfect for me.

I don’t really understand why people dislike country music.  For me, country music is the way to go.  My one friend says it’s all about depression and drinking your life away and the such, but I don’t agree 100%.  There is such good music and it is so reminiscent of life that I can relate to almost everything.  Country music is the way to go for me.  And I will turn my friend into a country music fan yet.

I am very excited also because my brother has gotten a lot of new music – and he is also a country fan…so I can’t wait to hear it when I get home.  I am also excited because I am going to go see Tim McGraw (who I have seen in concert before), Lady A and Love and Theft at Darien Lake.  It’s going to be an absolutely fantastic show and I can’t wait for it to be here.  I am also hoping to hit up the state fair for a free concert or two (probably only one since the two I want to see are on consecutive days and I don’t want to drive to Syracuse and then back home and then back to Syracuse – even though it’s not that far).

It’s going to be a great end to the summer and it’ll be so much fun to be able to hear some great country music!

How do you feel about country music?  What is your music of choice?


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