Service Changes

I really, really hate it when a service changes without being asked.  Sometimes, these changes aren’t bad changes, but it would still be nice to be notified instead of finding out when I am looking up information.

For example, I was checking my credit card bill online so that I could see how much money I needed for it and I saw that my credit line had increased – by a lot…it was three times more now than it was before.  I had not received notification of this until after I saw it online – no email, no real mail, nothing…it just happened.  This was obviously a good thing because it is nice to know that if something happens I have a little bit more of a credit line to rely on if I absolutely need to.

My next surprise is not as good.  I bought a StraightTalk phone as a Christmas present (with Christmas money) because I had a tracfone and this was slightly better and I can’t afford a real cell phone plan because I don’t have a steady income yet.  So, I thought that my balance reset every month, but I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t and my balance carried over.  This has been happening since January.  I went to go and check my balance today and I found that I had the start of a brand new month (my payment was just processed) – 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages, 30 megabytes of data.  This makes me angry.  You have changed your service without notifying me and I don’t necessarily like the change.  I have never gone over my minutes at all, but I’m going to have to make sure that I am keeping an eye on them now because they aren’t stockpiled like they were before.  It upsets me and I don’t like that it happened.

How do you feel when your service changes without notification?  Have you ever canceled a service because it changed without notification?


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