The best part about being away from people is reuniting with them.  Today, I get to reunite with a dear friend of mine.  And, while we haven’t been away from each other for that long, it will be so nice to see her again.  I have a problem with communication sometimes.  I don’t necessarily like talking on the phone with people and I have stopped using AIM so a lot of times when I don’t see people, I don’t stay in touch with them very well.  I think one of the reasons that I am this way is because I can let people rattle on and on when I am on the phone with them and sometimes I end up not paying attention (which is horrible, I know).  So, this friend that I am reuniting with is one of my best friends and it is going to be so fantastic to see her and be able to hang out with her again.

We have a pretty low key day planned.  We are going to go to my friend’s parent’s house (the friend I am staying with) and hang out for the day and then we are going to go see a band tonight because my friend knows someone in the band and it is his last time playing.  So, it will be a nice and relaxing day and we will have a good time.  I am going to love being able to hang out with her and enjoy time with her.

The other thing that I love about reunions is that you are able to catch up and I know that if I can pick up with my friends when I reunite with them that we will always be friends.  I think it is a special skill to be able to stay in touch and a special skill to be able to pick up where you left off when you see them again.  I am very excited for this reunion and it will be great to be able to see my friend again!

When was your last big reunion?  When you think reunion do you think of big things like your high school or college reunions?


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