While at school, we were taught that part of what made educators professionals was that they reflected on things.  So I am going to reflect on my interview very slightly (since there isn’t a lot to tell) and then I am going to reflect a little bit on my journey…which I have done a little bit already. 

So I think that my interview went really well today.  I was really nervous at first, but I would have thought that something was wrong if I weren’t nervous because if I get this position, it would be a big deal.  The position is an early kindergarten position for a teacher on maternity leave.  It would be at least 8 weeks long and possibly longer.  I would be starting right away and I really am hoping that I get it because I am really excited about it and I think it would be really good for me.  My favorite part of the interview was when I answered a question truthfully and the principal said to me: That was a really great answer if you really believe what you said.  And I did.  So hopefully it works out well.   And I was told that I would probably hear by the end of next week – so a fairly quick turn around.

So if you read my blog, you will know that I was seriously thinking that I needed to switch careers.  And I was really nervous about that because I was afraid that I was going to regret not teaching down the road.  So I am really excited that this has come interview has come at the time that it has come because it is giving me some faith about things.  I will keep my options open, but this will give me something to start off next year and will hopefully give me some money to save up so that I can pay off some more of my loans and do some things that I would like to do.

Have you ever found that something falls into your lap just when you need it?


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