A Reflection On A Celebration

I had all intentions of using a quote for my entry again today because when I went to the quote website that I mentioned a couple of days ago, the quote was perfect…but when I went back after going to brunch, it was a new quote…so I am going to try and organize my thoughts without the quote.

Yesterday, I had the great honor and thrill of being a part of my best friend’s wedding.  My best friend and I have been through a lot together, and while we don’t see each other as often as I would like to, she and I are still close and I could not have asked to be able to spend this time with her.  So, as I said, I had the great honor and thrill of being a part of her wedding, the first wedding that I was a part of – the first wedding that I was able to attend for a friend of mine that I have known for years and was so excited for.

I got up yesterday morning (earlier than I would have liked) and met the other bridesmaids and the mothers of the bride and groom at my friend’s parent’s house.  We went to the salon to have our hair done and to do our makeup with the Mary Kay lady who was nice enough to provide us with everything that we wanted/needed.  The salon was so nice.  When we first got there, we were able to lounge and sit around for a while because no one else was there yet.  We were also able to bring in food, we had mimosas and we had cookie cake and sang to one of the junior bridesmaids, because it was her 8th birthday (yes, my friend is the type of person who even on her big, special day would not ignore another person’s special day).

Once we finished at the salon, we went back to the house and got into our dresses.  We then got the bride into her dress and she looked as beautiful and radiant as anyone could.  She was the picture of a happy bride and the picture of perfection.  The photographer took some pictures at the house with the bride, with the bride’s family, with us girls.  Then, the limo was there and we were whisked away to the church!  We got the bride into the church without anyone seeing her and took her down to the classroom where we met the junior bridesmaids and the flower girl.  This is where one of my most memorable parts of the day occurred.  One of the junior bridesmaids said to the bride when she saw her: “I love your outfit.”  She did not say I love your dress or that she looked beautiful as we had been telling her, reassuring her, complimenting her all morning.  “I love your outfit.”  To me this was just absolutely fantastic.  An outfit is so much more than a dress.  For me, and outfit is the attitude you’re wearing while you’re dressed.  It’s about the accessories and the extra stuff besides just the dress.  It’s about how you glow, and the bride did glow!

From there, the ceremony quickly got under way.  I was the first bridesmaid down the aisle and from there everything went fantastically.  The ceremony was absolutely fantastic and the bride and groom seemed to enjoy themselves immensely.  After the ceremony was over, we started with pictures.  I cannot wait to see the pictures when they are done.  We started at the church where the photographer got pictures with the family, pictures with the wedding party, pictures of just the bride and groom.  This is where the fun began.  When we were finished with our part of the pictures (but the bride and groom were not done), the bridal party made their way to the limo.  One of the groomsmen popped some champagne and we had some, toasting the bride and groom as they made their way to the limo.

From the church, we made our way to a local park to take pictures.  It was magical.  We were able to go on the carousel and take pictures and I’m sure they are going to come out fantastically.  We took some pictures on the hill there and we goofed around and got to know each other a little more.  We had a great time.  When we got into the limo again, we finished off the champagne and headed to the country club where the reception was.  We took some more pictures (all of which probably came out excellent again) and then we headed in to celebrate with the happy couple.

The reception is exactly what it should have been.  It was fun and light and cheerful – just like my friend.  We danced, we drank, and we had a great time.  Then, the night was over.  The day was done.  And my friend was married.  It was a great day.  It was a great night.  It was something special that I was excited and proud to be a part of.  It was a great first wedding to experience!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. B – to my best friend for starting a new life with the man of her dreams.

Do you have any especially fond memories of the first wedding you were in?  Of your own wedding?  Congratulations to all married couples (old and new)!


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