The Best Version of You

I don’t know about you; but I often hear things about myself that I only hope are true (I mean I hear things about myself that I hope aren’t true as well, but I tend to believe these things more readily).  I hear people talk about me and I hope that they really feel the way they are telling me they feel or people outright tell me things that I can only hope are really true.  I don’t know why they would lie to me, but for me (and maybe this is really the case with everyone) it is harder for me to believe those good things.

One scenario that is probably going to stick with me for a while now.  Where I went to school there was a senior award called the Niagara Medal.  In order to win the Niagara Medal one had to be nominated by their peers and then voted on by their peers – and the person with the most votes won.  I knew that I had done enough at the school that I should not feel like it was above me to be nominated.  So my two best friends and myself (that makes three) nominated each other…we made it so that each of us nominated one other person – they both also deserved to be awarded the honor.  I can’t remember wanting to be awarded something so badly in a long time.  No, I did not win the Niagara Medal.  Another very deserving candidate won it (and it was not one of my two best friends).  While I was a little let down by the fact that I had not won, some of the things that people said to me are things that will stick with me forever.

I had one friend that I hung out with sparingly (and who was rather intoxicated at the time) tell me with the best of intentions that I deserved to win but the only way that I was going to get his vote was if I went out to the bar that night and bought everyone shots [We had a senior event that night that had alcohol at it so he had already begun drinking.  And I did go out that night; however, I did not buy the entire bar – or even him – shots because I ended up taking care of a friend].

I had two other guys that I would consider friends – maybe acquaintances is the better word – although not at all close friends both congratulate me on being nominated and telling me that it was a great honor.  Which it was.  Having these guys tell me this made me smile because although I considered them friends and would not hesitate to ask them for help with something if I needed it (and they asked me for help at times as well), we did not run in the same circles so I didn’t see much of them and we didn’t talk or spend a lot of time together.

There are, of course, other times when people have said nice things about me.  And I am flattered every time.  I hope that I have begun to take a compliment better than I used to be able to and I hope that the things they say are true and I strive to be the person that all of these people think I am.  But why is it that it’s so much easier to believe the bad things?

Do you more readily believe the good or bad things that people say about you?  When is one of the best times that someone has paid you a compliment (I promise if you think of it, it will make you smile)?


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