Dreams can be so many things.  It could be what you dream will happen, your aspirations, things that will never come true.  But, today, I am simply talking about hat happens while you sleep.  Those sometimes bizarre, sometimes meaningful, sometimes meaningless dreams.  I read somewhere, at some point, that everyone dreams.  I don’t remember my dreams often – like one dream every few years.  But boy did I have a weird dream last night.

I dreamt about a guy I met and knew in college.  We were acquaintances, but not really close friends at all.  Anyways, my dream was definitely bizarre.  The beginning of my dream isn’t all that clear, but I feel like I saw this guy in a public place somewhere.  Fast forward to the truly bizarre part.  He showed up at my door at 10 o’ clock at night (my door at home, which is 4 hours away from school).  He asked me if I wanted to go play tennis with him (and as far as I know, he doesn’t play tennis).  I asked how we were going to do that because it was dark out and he told me that he had a tennis court inside his house.  So I agreed to go.  When I got in his car, his dad was driving and there were two small children in the car as well.  We sat in the back seat holding hands and talking as we drove the hour and a half to his house.  He had promised to bring me back home when we were done, so I would be back by early morning (like 5 AM).  Then my dream morphed again and I got a text from my mom saying I had to come home immediately.  The guy brought me home and my mom told me they had been trying to kidnap me.  End dream.

Weird, right?  This dream is weird for many reasons.  First, the reasons I put in parentheses, which were my own thoughts added in.  Second, I knew this guy, but we weren’t really that close and I never really had a crush on him at all or anything.  Third, it’s just bizarre and completely random.  What could it possibly mean?

Do you always remember your dreams?  What’s one of the weirdest dreams you’ve ever had?  Do you find meaning in your dreams?


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