Spectators and Sports

Have you ever been asked what sport you like?  I get that question all the time.  I always answer the same way: I’m more of a spectator.  There are a number of reasons that I am spectator – I’m not good enough to seriously play any sport.  Could I have been if I’d stuck with it?  Maybe, I guess we’ll never know; but I was never into the sports that were convenient for my family.  I never wanted to play soccer or baseball/softball.  I danced for a couple of years and I did gymnastics for a couple of years, but nothing stuck.  The only sport that I would ever seriously consider myself a participant in would be running.  I used to run and I wish I’d never stopped.  I’m going to get back into it again.  One of my goals is to run a marathon…and I think I’m going to say that I’d like to do it before I turn 30- I guess we’ll see what happens, seeing as my current running is at zilch.

Back to the spectator business.  I love to watch sports.  I was a huge fan of soccer when my sister used to play and I would go to all her games, and I enjoyed it.  I could see myself getting back into soccer if I ever lived near a big soccer place.  I also enjoy watching the World Cup – I think it’s fascinating to see all of the best in the world compete at anything.

I was not as big a fan, but I also enjoyed football.  The year I was a junior in high school, our football team became State Champs.  I knew a lot of the guys on that team, including my twin brother, and to be a part of that was absolutely amazing.  To be able to see that and to cheer on the people that I knew was spectacular.

I’ve never been a big baseball fan.  And I’ve finally in recent years understood why.  I don’t think there’s enough action in baseball for me.  I’m not knocking baseball or anything, there’s nothing wrong with it; but I prefer sports that have more constant action.  I do enjoy the occasional baseball game over the spring and summertime.

Which brings me to the sport that I have really become a fan of over the past 5 years.  Hockey.  When I decided to go to school at Niagara University, I promised myself that I would give hockey a shot.  I did.  And I loved it.  I don’t know what it is about the sport, but I had no problem getting into it and I’ve learned so much about it.  I am by no means an expert, and I tell people that if I saw the penalty it means that it really did happen, because I hardly ever do; but I fell in love with the sport.  I love to watch hockey now.  It is a great joy of mine to be able to go to a professional or semi-professional hockey game and I know that my number one team will always be the Purple Eagles (of NU, of course) because that is where I learned to love the game.

Spectators are almost as important as the athletes in sports, and I am proud to say that I support watching sports and playing in the most juvenile recreation leagues there are (like the ones in my backyard with friends).

What is your favorite sport to watch?  What is your favorite sport to play?  Is there a sport that you wish you could get into more?


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