Do You Have Hope?

No one likes being rejected.  Everyone hates waiting.  And not many people can muster up hope these days.  But that’s exactly what I plan on doing.  I plan on hoping.  Hoping for the best, hoping for an adventure, and hoping that I get everything out of life that I’m supposed to.

I hope that my phone interview went well and that I get another interview with City Year.  I hope that if that doesn’t work out, I find something permanent and regular for next year here at home.

I hope that I find a guy that I want to spend time with and get to know better.  I hope that he doesn’t treat me badly and that things don’t end badly between us – even if they do end (and at this point, I still have quite a few relationships left in me before I find the one, I’m sure).

I hope that I can start going on adventures.  I want to visit places with friends and make my own fun.  I hope that I can have stories that I will want to tell people someday.  I hope that my life becomes everything that I want it to be…even if I don’t know what all of that is yet.

I hope that I get my own classroom soon…with my own kids to shape and mold and have fun with.

Until then, I hope to have friends that fill my life with meaning.  I hope that I have a job that will pay the bills (and maybe even allow me to move out of my mother’s and do some fun things that I want to do).  I hope that everyone finds the inspiration they need to do what they want and to become who they want to become.

What do you hope for?


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