Celebrity Connections

I can be dramatic.  I can get caught up in things that are not real and things that are meant for entertainment.  I don’t think this is a bad thing because I don’t get so caught up in it that I don’t have my own real life.  That being said: do you ever feel a connection with celebrities/stars that you’ve never met?

This past year, with my unorganized, chaotic life, I have come to begin enjoying a few daytime talk shows.  My two favorites are Live with Regis and Kelly and Ellen.  I want to be Kelly Ripa.  I want to look like her, I want to have her job, and I want to be her.  I also love Ellen.  I think she is hilarious and does great things for people.  These two shows have given me new things to think about – sometimes, but more importantly have given me a reason to not mope around – most of the time.

My celebrity connections do not stop there.  There are plenty of other people that when I see them, I want to be them…while still being completely happy to be me.  I get over-involved in things and give it my all and so I want to be a part of it and I think that is why I feel such a strong connection to celebrities sometimes.

What gets you through the days when you’re feeling down?  Do you feel a connection to a certain celebrity – who and why?  Do you think everyone has these connections?


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